Effective email marketing made (really) easy.

Create - Edit Template
1. Create a great looking email
Use the WYSIWG editor to enter your content fast and see your changes as you make them. Control font formats, images, even the source. Save your content as a draft for convenient editing.
Test for deliverability
2. Test for deliverability
Eliminate frustrating email design testing with a single click. For a small fee, you can see how your email will look in more than 20 email clients like Outlook 2007, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo, and more.
Send - Schedule now or a later date
3. Send to your list

We’re all about control - set your own ‘from name’ and email address, and reply-to address. Easy segmenting tools for improved organization and targeted messaging. We handle the messy stuff like bounces and unsubscribes for you!

Analyze Email Campaign Data
4. Analyze campaign results

Get the data you need. Easily check on the numbers that matter – who opened, clicked, forwarded, etc. and which links were popular and who clicked on each.  EmberMail even allows you to integrate your campaign with Google Analytics.

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